Fun with Babelands

12:25 AM Posted by Ashley Parker

Okay so I'm a single mom that really only has time for my kids. Not really interested in being with anyone! Don't really have the time for one! So I experiment from time to time with toys! Hey at least I can't get pregnant, can't afford another one, and I get satisfied! Both are really awesome! So I received the Laya Spot from and it works great! They also are pretty discrete so if like your kids were to find it they wouldn't know what it is! Not that mine would know anyway but I'm sure alot of you have children who do!

Laya Spot
Laya Spot is a Moregasm Toy of the Month!

Tuck the splashproof Laya Spot in your backpack next to your travel guide and prepare for a fantasy getaway. Breeze through customs, enjoy a buzz in the surf and massage the kinks out of road-weary muscles. An ergonomic shape and three distinct buzz patterns will make even at-home use seem like a vacation from ordinary sex toys. Hold down the "+" button for five seconds to turn it on and then cycle through the vibe patterns by pressing the button again to move to the next one. Color may vary. Read our Guest Review of this vibrator.

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