One Exhausted Mom

2:48 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

The other night I was at my friend Amanda's and my kids and I were getting ready to leave (about 11pm) when I lost my keys! We looked everywhere for them and could not find them! I thought that I saw them on the floor right by where I changed Sophia. So I must have emptied out my diaper bag about 2 or 3 times and no keys! Amanda even woke up her daughter who I thought told me my keys where on the floor and she was so tired she didn't know what she was saying. She had told her mom that she had the keys but didn't know where they were. Which I felt sooo...bad that she woke her up! I called my sister to come get me and the kids and to bring my spare house key so we could go home. Well we decided to go look in her car, I really didn't think they were in there but we searched the whole house and no keys we thought what the heck its couldn't hurt! So we go down to her garage and look in her car and low and behold there they were! Thank God! So I wake my kids up, because at this time both the boys were knocked out, my 6 year old was past out in her chair and my 2 year old was past out on the floor with his butt up in the air!!! When I went to put my 2 year olds shoes on I was so exhausted that I put his shoes on the wrong feet!! LOL I couldn't believe it when we got home and saw that!!! Poor Baby!