Sophia Marie

6:05 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

Sophia Marie is finally here!! She made her grand entrance through an emergency c-section on April 2, 2010. At the last minute she flipped and was butt first! I also had an ultrasound with this new top of the line ultrasound machine and she was supposed to be 7 lbs 7 ozs, she was also head down. And before the Dr. noticed she was butt first she broke my water making it impossible to turn her. As they rolled me to the OR I had the urge to push so instead of being numb from the chest down I was put to sleep! So she is here 6 lbs 6ozs. So finally my little girl is here and she will be my last baby unless of course i get married to a millionaire and he wants to reverse the proceedure! Hmmmm...the likely hood of that is probably slim to none!!! LOL!