Happy Blankie

5:12 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

My two year old is the one that ended up wanting to drag around his blankie. The one he has now is so worn out its not even funny! The Happy Blankie is really snuggly! Each blanket has their own name.

This is Chase the Happy Dog.

This Is Giggle the Happy Pig

This is Tumble the Happy Bear
This is the one my 2 year old received.

This is Stomp the Happy Frog
This is the one my 6 year old received.

The front is like a saude material which is really soft and cuddly. The back is made of silk. The back also has the animals name on it! Both of my kids love them! I really like how you can go on the HappyBlankie.com
after you purchase your blankie for your son or daughter and put in a code from the blankie and you can give a blankie to an organization of your choice for needy or sick children!

All of this was thought up by a seven year old little boy named David Holdridge.

David Holdridge, founder of Happy Blankie, had a remarkable idea. His mother Emily encouraged him to bring his idea to life – and then added a life lesson that we can ALL teach our children - share. Her idea was to share the happiness of Happy Blankie with children in need of a smile. Thus, ONE to Love, ONE to Share, became the core philosophy of Happy Blankie. The concept is based on Emily’s message to David (and her other 3 children) – love one another, share with others and make a difference in the world.

Blankie SharesHappy Blankie is donating blankies to children in need all over the world. YOU will be able to make a difference by choosing where you would like to give a blankie. When you receive your blankie you will be able to follow the instructions on the "giving is cool" tag in order to donate your second blanket.

We will send you an email that will keep you informed of our future giving dates and destinations. Both you and Happy Blankie are changing the world, two blankies at a time - and that is what we call REMARKABLE.

*A product was received for this review