I'm So Happy!

8:00 AM Posted by Ashley Parker

Thank you Amanda! You saved my computer! See I have a laptop but when me and my ex-boyfriend broke up he took my charger. Then in the 10 months since it last was turned on my battery totally drained, so when she got me a new charger it wouldn't charge! I was sad because in order to to do my reviews I would either go to her house and use her computer ans I felt I was using her for her computer! Or I would go to library, now in order to go to the library I would have to take Ethan, my 6 year old, and all he does is bug me about the books he wants to check out. Instead of  just reading them and bringing them to me when it was time to go! So then she got my battery and the charger still didn't work, so my friend opened it up and fixed the charger port and now it works! Then how my friend had it all set up it wouldn't connect to the Internet. So when he left I totally re-arranged my living room and no it connects! But if it weren't for Amanda I wouldn't have my laptop at all! So Thank You Amanda! I really appreciate EVERYTHING you do for me and my family! I don't know what I would do without your friendship!