What a Great Nite!

10:34 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

Well all my kids are asleep! Sophia is in her bed sprean out and sleeping, well, like a baby! Like always! She is such a good baby when it comes to bed time!

Ethan he usually gives me a hard time for bedtime but tonight he got in bed and went rite to sleep! Maybe it's because he had a fun day at the Sawmill BBQ he had at school? Who knows?! But I'm not going to complain!
And last but not least Dennis is SOUND asleep in his own bed! He is so deficult! He doesn't like to go to bed and he sure as heck doesn't like going to bed in his own bed! He goes to sleep out on the couch with me and I put him in bed when I go to bed! But tonight he actually went to bed by himself no fuss or fight!