Digital Cameras for Kids!

2:50 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

If  your kids are like mine they LOVE to be in  picture as they do taking them! Theses digital cameras come in two styles for kids one is Hello Kitty 5mp camera with three changing face plates. It has a 2in preview screen and comes with photo editing software that includes five fun games.

  • SRP $49.95
  • Ages 5+

The second one is for boys it is a Starwars digital camera – Includes 3 changing face plates, color preview screen, and has VGA resolution. Camera can be used as a web cam and it takes up to 93 pictures. Image Master proprietary Photo Editing Software includes games, puzzles, word search, and scramble. Kids can create albums, calendars, trading cards, postcards, add captions and sounds, and the 10 story templates allow child to create their own ‘books’. SRP $39.99

These make great birthday gifts! You can have them take their own pictures at parties!

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