Journals Unlimited

10:08 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

So as you all know I have a new baby girl. With my other kids I never did and eat, sleep, diaper change and play time schedule. But I received a journal from Journals Unlimited all about a schedule for babies! It has been so great she has been a great baby!

Baby Care Journal

New moms rejoice!! This is the perfect journal for you to fill out or leave with your day care provider, so you have a record of baby's day. First page is about baby (allergies, likes, dislikes, special needs, along with emergency contact info./instructions, and physicians name). Repeating page has space for caretakers name (if you leave your baby with sitter) and allows you/sitter to record how much / how often baby drank, ate, slept, and soiled their diaper. It has a place for medications given, and how baby spent his/her day and evening and what kind of a mood baby was in (cranky, tired, happy, etc.) You can write down baby's milestones and concerns to share with your doctor. We can't expect sleepless moms to remember all this stuff…just write it down!

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