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7:39 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

Progresso is pretty much the only soup I eat! It is always full of flavor no matter which one you get! I love that they have so many different choices from Chicken Noodle (ALWAYS A GOOD ONE!!) to NEW Tomato Parmasan! No matter which one you get your going to have lots of flavor from something so simple to make!

For more than 100 million adults suffering from high cholesterol, a walk down the grocery aisle can be more overwhelming than a doctor´s visit. Many people, like yourself, pay attention to the foods they eat in order to help maintain a healthy balance.

Choosing select Progresso Reduced Sodium soups may help lower cholesterol when eaten with other heart healthy, soluble fiber containing foods.

By looking for the "May Help Lower Cholesterol" banner and the Heart Healthy logo on certain varieties of Reduced Sodium soups, Progresso makes it even easier for you to stick to a heart healthy diet. Five Progresso Reduced Sodium favorites - Italian Style Wedding, Minestrone, Garden Vegetable, Beef and Vegetable, and Chicken Gumbo - contain hearty vegetables and legumes to provide 1g of heart healthy soluble fiber in every bowl.

And be sure to keep an eye out for the all-new Tomato Parmesan Reduced Sodium soup at your local grocery store for a unique blend of delicious flavors. For more information about Progresso Reduced Sodium soups that may help lower cholesterol and great recipe ideas, visit today!

Also, check out Progresso on Facebook to "Like" the brand and keep up with the latest news on new products like Progresso Reduced Sodium soups that may help lower cholesterol and other favorites!


A prize pack that includes two cans of Progresso Reduced Sodium soup, a Progresso soup mug, and a fitness ball

Tell me which variety of Progresso Reduced Sodium soup they are most looking forward to trying

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This giveaway will end October 28, 2010.

*Progresso provided me with the product, information, and prize packs through MyBlogSpark


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