Wings of Nature Bar

10:29 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

When I received these bars I wasn't too sure about them! They looked too healthy! But my goodness were they good! I ate the Almond Raisin Bar and it tasted kind of like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! It was a perfect snack! I absolutely LOVED these bars!

Wings of Nature Bar: These nutritious and delicious bars are the perfect bar to be shared by new friends…just cut it in half and each child will have a small serving of nuts and protein. These bars are all organic and have only eight ingredients! The Cranberry or Almond Raisin flavors make them a great appetizer or treat.

Wings of Nature™ by Fresh Harvest Products
We are committed to connecting people and nature through food™ by helping people take charge of their own health and wellness in a variety of ways, including: offering a wide selection of delicious, natural, and nutritious foods. The finest natural ingredients in every product offering the best product grown without artificial pesticides or chemicals to keep our food pure and to protect our environment.
  • Snack Products Best health bar, gluten free, no refined sugar, tastes great!

*A product was received for this review