Christmas With Aurora

1:38 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

I love all the cute little plush toys Aurora has to offer. One of them is a furry little creature called a YooHoo & Friends. My daughter loves them especially the ones that make noise!!

Aurora’s international toy phenomenon YooHoo & Friends aims to please kids and collectors with the release of uber-hip YooHoo & Friends dressed in 60s, 70s and 80s retro styles. The collection is fashioned after some of the most famous pop culture icons of those decades (think Elvis, Madonna, Travolta from Saturday Night Fever etc.). The medium sized, five inch “retro” YooHoo & Friends are available in seven styles including 70s Love, Punk Rocker, Pop Singer, Vegas, Flash Dancer, British Rocker and Disco Dancer. The larger, eight inch versions include Punk Rocker, 70s Love, Flash Dancer and Pop Singer. Both sizes make sounds when squeezed. YooHoo & Friends created the corresponding interactive website, so kids and their parents can learn more about the animals (many endangered) and their natural habitats. Membership is free. On the site, visitors can play scores of games, download desktop backgrounds and coloring sheets, send e-cards, raise their own YooHoo & Friends character and much more.Shop Aurora and YooHoo & Friends online at

Another one is Dreamy Eyes. They are so cute and cuddly perfect your little one!

Dreamy Eyes feature loveable expressions, big eyes and appealing cuddle material that just melts in your hands. 13 brand new styles include tiger, pony, pig, cow, lion, elephant, monkey, giraffe, cat, pug, Chihuahua, frog and lamb. Perfect for ages two and up! Visit Aurora online at  shop Aurora online at

Aurora – Paws Puppets

Get your “Grrrrrr” on with Aurora’s all new Paws Puppets. Nicely stuffed with velboa plush, ‘Paws’ are not your traditional sleeve puppet. The soft claws (not hard plastic) complement the paw pad detailing. The 100 percent soft puppets are available in six styles including White Tiger, Leopard, Black Panther, Bengal Tiger, Polar Bear and Lion (MSRP: $12.99). Aurora’s Paws Puppets are also great products for schools or sports teams with animal mascots. Ages three and up. Visit Aurora online at or on Facebook at Shop Aurora online at

Aurora - Fancy Pals™ - The Original Toy Pet Carriers

One of Aurora’s best selling lines, Fancy Pals, features the original Pet Carriers -- a purse and plush animal in one. The plush animals are interchangeable – kids have fun mixing and trading the animals to other carriers. Three new styles include “Sweet…Sweet…Sweet,” a pink poodle in a heart shaped bag with the word “sweet” embroidered on the side; “I Heart U,” a purple kitten and fancy pink bag embroidered with “I Heart U”; and “Love” (pictured) featuring an adorable black and white puppy in a flashy pink bag embroidered with shiny hearts and the word “love” (carriers vary from six to eight inches in size, depending on style; MSRP: $12). Visit Aurora online at or shop Aurora online at

Aurora - Cheeky Charlie™ & Carmen™

Retailers know Aurora’s go-to monkeys with personality, lovable smiles and signature banana in the tail, Cheeky Charlie™& Carmen™, fly off store shelves. Three newer styles in the line include Cheeky Charlie “Rock Star” which features Charlie with a Mohawk, sporting a guitar and t-shirt (14.5 inches). Cheeky Charlie Surfer (14.5 inches) in a visor and board shorts is ready to hit the beach with his surfboard. Cheeky Charlie Zoo Keeper (14.5 inches), Wrangler Cheeky Charlie (pictured, 14.5 inches) and Carmen “BFF” (pictured, 14.5 inches) are some other top items in the line. Each monkey’s Velcro hands make “hanging out” easy! Ages three and up. All “14.5 inch” Cheeky Charlie & Carmen styles retail with a suggested price of $17. Visit Aurora online at or shop Aurora online at

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