2:49 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

I must say I was a little surprised when I received my order from I thought it was going to be a lot like the box sets you buy in the store.It was really easy to order, I went to and it asked me a few questions like what is your natural hair color, it asks about the types of color you have put in your hair like permanent, demi-permanent and so on and so on. When it came in the mail and I took it out of the box I was surprised! Not only did it look totally professional it had my name on it too!

Professional haircolor, customized just for you, delivered to your home

eSalon has one mission–to deliver affordable custom haircolor to your door. We’ve built an expert team and state-of-the-art color lab dedicated to making it easy, convenient and inexpensive for you to have the beautiful hair color you desire. Every time.

Customized color by experts based on your hair profile
The process starts with our online hair profile. It is a custom built set of questions formulated by our colorists based on their years of expertise working at salons in Beverly Hills, New York and Paris. In just a few minutes, you will complete the online hair profile providing us all the information needed to prepare a formula that is matched to your hair characteristics. Whether you’re looking to completely disguise your roots or go for a new look altogether, eSalon will create the right formulation just for you.

Each order is individually formulated, bottled, and shipped from our Los Angeles color lab within two business days of your order. With eSalon you can achieve your envisioned haircolor at minimal cost and maximum convenience.

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