3:12 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

I really like these headphones, I like to listen to my music really load and with your everyday ordinary headphones not only does it not sound good, unless you spend an arm and a leg for them, they are really harmful to your ear. dBLogic.com came up with headphones that are not harmful at all!

What is Sound Pressure
Sounds are essentially the vibration of a conductive medium (like air). The vibrations, called sound waves, can be analyzed by measuring the pressure they exert. The larger the sound wave, the greater the pressure the wave can exert on your ears. The measurement of this pressure is called sound pressure and is measure in decibels (dB). High-pressure sound waves (e.g. loud music) can damage your hearing.

What is SPL2?

SPL2 stands for “Sound Pressure Level Limiting,” the patent-pending technology from dB Logic that manipulates sound waves and selectively lowers the volume while still keeping the shape of the sound wave curve.

The Best Sound
While other products merely clip the sound wave, SPL2 intelligently modifies the sound wave to closely match the profile of the original sound wave, while keeping the overall volume level at a level that can help avoid hearing loss.

No Distortion

By maintaining the integrity of the sound wave, the limiting is virtually transparent to the consumer, and the audio content does not sound warped or distorted. To the listener, there are no audible artifacts of the limiting.

No Batteries Required
SPL2 Technology is embedded in the headphones. It’s the only battery-free, distortion-free approach to sound pressure-limiting technology available.

*A product was received for this review