Duracell To Your Holiday Rescue!

4:30 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

How many of  you forget the batteries at Christmas? I do! Always it never fails I always for get the batteries and my kids are always disappointed when they can't play with their new toys and gadgets!

Don’t Forget the Batteries
If toys, tech gadgets or gaming devices are on your holiday shopping list, chances are you’re going to need batteries. The holiday season is an ideal time to stock up, and Duracell’s most popular packs for AA and AAA batteries now available in Value Packs, which include at least 20 percent more batteries for the same price.
AA and AAA 8 pack is now offered with 10 batteries
AA and AAA 16 pack is now offered with 20 batteries
A and AAA 20 pack is now offered with 24 batteries

Trust Duracell to help make the most of your gift giving experience, we recommend purchasing and inserting batteries in advance (prior to wrapping) to ensure battery-powered gifts can be enjoyed immediately after opened.  Batteries also make great stocking stuffers!
To fit virtually every device out there, CopperTop batteries are available in AAA, AA, C, D, and 9-volt sizes


CopperTop batteries have been engineered to deliver just the right level of power for most of your household needs. And now, you get up to 25% more batteries per pack (In AA/AAA 10, 16, and 20 packs). Plus, they’re guaranteed fresh for 7 years.
Many of the devices you use in your home are powered most efficiently by Duracell CopperTop batteries, including:
ToysClocks and radios
Remote controlsSmoke alarms

Who is on the run and your phone dies? Me!! ALL the time! No with Duracell's Instant USB Pocket charger it will never happen again!!! YA!

Give the Gift of Portable Power (Under $30!) 
The Instant Charger gives the gift of more texting, talking and music – in one small and sleek package! We’ve all had our cell phones or MP3 players run out of juice, usually at the worst time possible. The Instant Charge provides reliable back-up power for mobile devices when not near an outlet. It’s an ideal gift for everyone on your shopping list, whether that teen who needs more power to text their parents when running late or the business person who seems to have their phone glued to their ear.

Provides up to 35 hours of back-up power – perfect for anyone on the go! Especially makes a great gift for the frequent traveler It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, purse, back-pack or car glove compartment Can be recharged and re-used via USB cord Compatibility: Devices with a mini-USB or micro-USB port (such as Palm, iPhone iPod Classic, iPod Nano, BlackBerry phones, Motorola® phones and some digital camera – see full list of compatible products at Duracell.com)

Portable Charging for The Tech Lover on the Go! (Under $50)

The Powerhouse Charger is the Instant Charger’s bigger brother, providing more back-up power and charges two devices at once – an ideal gift for anyone who has multiple tech gadgets with them at all times.

Duracell’s most powerful portable charger!
The Powerhouse Charger charges up to two devices at once with its swinging mini-USB and USB port
Provides up to 60 hours of extra power
SRP is $49.99, available at mass merchandisers, drug and hardware stores nationwide; Amazon.com

The Instant Charger allows you to charge many USB-powered devices. It’s a handy portable power solution to keep in your bag, in your car, or on your desk for devices like iPods,® iPhones,® BlackBerrys,® and more.

1150 mAhUSB and mini-USB ports
Up to 35 hours of backup powerUse the cord of a USB, micro-USB, or mini-USB device to plug into the Instant Charger’s appropriate ports

iPhoneiPod Classic
iPod NanoBlackBerry phones
Motorola® phonesDevices with a mini-USB port (some digital cameras—note many digital cameras have mini-USB ports for data transfer only and not charging)

* Product was received for this review