My Growing Children

7:19 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

So it's has been  awhile since I have written about my children. They have grown so much since I last wrote about them. My oldest Ethan is in the second grade now, when I first started blogging he was in Kindergarten. He is 7 and he's amazing little boy! Extremely SMART! But he has always been! He's really hyper more than your normal 7 year old which makes me go NUTS but I couldn't imagine life without him or any of my kids! This was Ethan in Kindergarten. He looks so little compared to how looks know its crazy how fast they grow! It makes me tear up to think my little baby, my first born is getting so big! He is and always has been VERY out going! He makes friends everywhere he goes. Its amazing to see him socialize like a little person. He doesn't help me out as much as he should without a fight but I do rely on him a lot to help me out a little too much with his younger and brother and sister but after a little argument he usually gives in and helps me out!! 

My 3 year old is doing preschool, which he has been doing since he was 2. He is the one I am most concerned about, as far as learning disabilities are concerned. He took forever to talk and even now he doesn't speak very clearly, you have to speak Dennis to know what he is saying! LOL Which i can say I am almost an expert! But he is a MAMA's boy to the T! He ONLY wants mommy which is a good feeling but also very troubling, it makes it very hard to get stuff done! If I send him up to watch T.V. in my room with Ethan my room looks like a tornado came through it because he just doesn't have the ability to sit and watch T.V. for a long period of time like Ethan. He also doesn't listen very good at ALL! He throws nothing but fits if he doesn't get his way, which is about 90% of the time! (So if any of you have any suggestions PLEASE feel free to let me know!) But I couldn't imagine my world without him! Because when he is being good and listening he is my best kid! He loves to snuggle with me. He would lay in bed and snuggle with me ALL day as long as I feed him (LOL) and let him watch what he wants to watch.

Now my little ONE YEAR OLD Princess Sophia!! She has just grown so much! She is a little SPITFIRE!! She has so much personality it is not funny! She is very independent oh and she absolutely positively LOVES 
SHOES!!!! It doesn't matter whose shoes they are! We have a shoe bin after you go throw the kitchen and I am CONSTANTLY picking up shoes! She also likes purses too. So I went to Claire's and bought her a Disney Princess purse and she still wanted my big Coach purse filled with stuff that was to heavy to carry and so she dragged it around. But she is so smart just like Ethan. Just like Ethan and Dennis she LOVES food too! It doesn't matter if she just finished her big meal if I sit down to eat she will sit right next to me and want to eat my food too. I thought if I fed her first she wouldn't bug me for food boy was I wrong! She is the goofiest little girl I have every met. She makes me laugh all day long. She makes funny faces and makes funny noises. But she can also scream just like a girl, I mean the highest pitched scream I have ever heard! She does that when she's playing when one of her brothers are either trying to take something away from her or just touching her when she doesn't want to be touch! But she is just out of this world great she is everything I wanted in a little girl!

So I will end this by saying that my kids are my life they are everything my everything they are the reason I wake up and go to work and just be their mom!! I would not trade it for the world!