Happy Holidays With The Regurgitating Rico Launcher

7:28 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

This is a really cool toy I know my kids love it and your will too!! It is a barrel of laughter. It is really easy to use it is perfect for your older toddler! They will laugh and play with it all day long!

One of the most popular characters from The Penguins of Madagascar ™ is now ready to spew…popcorn balls that is! Inspired by the fan-favorite Rico from DreamWorks Animation SKG® and Nickelodeon’s hit television series, kids can act out Rico’s trademark skills with the Regurgitating Rico Launcher. To start the action, kids simply force feed up to three balls through Rico’s mouth to get ready for the launch. With a swift pull on his legs, Rico lets out a squawk, and boom! Watch those popcorn balls fly! Rico is stuffed with several kooky sound effects that are triggered by pulling his legs back and pushing his feet forward. Regurgitating Rico Launcher stands up when not in use and comes with a total of five popcorn balls. Requires 2 AA batteries, included.

*A product was received for this review