Check Out Holiday 2012: Lalaloopsy Littles – Sew Cute Patient *Giveaway ends Dec. 20th* At

10:58 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

So as you all know I have a two year old daughter. Anyone that has any girls, whether they are two or older, you will know that at about 2 is when they go through their baby doll stage. Well Sophia is. She does not care what kind of baby doll it is she will play with it. She really has fallen in love with the Disney Babies Princesses. However their has been a lot of toy commercials on T.V. due to Christmas coming and one of those commercials is for the Lalaloopsy Littles – Sew Cute Patient. Every time that comes on she says "I dat". She has two already they are big and kind of awkward so now that they have the Littles collection it is perfect for her!

Well you all are in luck over at, she is hosting a giveaway for one of these awesome dolls! Everyone really needs to go over there and check it out as well as her other giveaways and Holiday 2012 Gift Guide. You will be sorry if you miss out on this awesome giveaway!

*I posted this information strictly for entry to a giveaway, I am not being compensated at all.