The Greatest Diaper Bag Ever!

8:53 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

Well I have two kids in diapers! I have one that takes a bottle and one that takes a sippy cup! They both need extra clothes just in case of an uh huh! I also hate carrying a purse when I have to use a diaper bag. This diaper bag from eBags is so big that i can carry two different size of diapers plus a change of clothes for both of them sometimes two sets for both kids. Plus wipes the big can of formula bottles galour and all my stuff that would normally fill a good size purse! Its also neat when your out shopping at the mall or anywhere you use your stroller, it has two hidden straps that clip on the stroller handles to make it easy access to whats in you bag!

  • This diaper bag is the ultimate in function, organization and has lots of extras
  • Full sized changing pad uses memory foam for real padded comfort
  • Smart hide-away stroller straps allows for easy attachment to stroller handles
  • Teflon ® coating on all linings and changing pad allows for easy wipe up of spills and mishaps
  • Front zippered pocket is spacious for keeping smaller items close at hand, 3 elastic top pockets keep contents organized. Key leash keeps keys where they belong
  • Thinsulate ® insulated end pockets keep bottles warm or cold
  • Large zippered opening for easy access into main compartment
  • Inside main compartment is a wealth of pockets, 9 in all for keeping toys, bibs, snacks. diapers, ointment, etc. organized
  • Removable center pocket is PVC lined to hold soiled clothing or damp articles
  • Bonus take-a-way piece secures into the bag with a strap that converts into a wrist strap for carrying by itself
  • Take-a-way piece is perfect for carrying diapers and wipes or keeping your wallet and cell phone close by
  • Smart strap inside main compartment has carabineer for keeping pacifier or other important items easy to retrieve
  • Full size back pocket holds changing pad
  • Adjustable shoulder strap has 2" wide webbing, and a truly non-slip shoulder pad that is movable, removable, and padded.
  • This bag has it all to keep baby and parents happy
This diaper bag is the ultimate in function, organization and has very smart features. The best bag for organizing your little bundle's every need.


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