OMG!!! What a Nite?

2:30 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

Ok so I was staying at Amandas house last night because her husband wasnt home. We were having fun and all the kids where in bed and we were watching the Avatar Then about 12 1230 rolls around and we decide to go to bed! Well about an hour later Dennis wakes up and wants juice but he didnt need any! So he was throwing a BIG fit so 130 am I wake Ethan up and get all our stuff and take them home! I was so mad because on the way down the driveway with Dennis and Sophia in my hands I slipped on ice on account that it snowed the nite before! So I have a huge scrap on my knee! I get them home and by now I have to calm Sophia down to put her to bed and of course Ethan got right in bed! BUT Dennis stayed up and would not got to sleep untill I layed down with him! Finally he went to sleep and we all slept really good!