Sophia's 1st Tutu!!

1:36 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

I am so excited I finally have a little girl to play dress up with! I have two boys who really dont like to change their clothes a 100 times or put on tutus or dresses and such! LOL But now with my last being a beautiful little girl I get to put tutus and dresses and change her a 100 times wiether she likes or not! To be honest she really DOES NOT like it! To get these pictures of her in her 1st tutu that Miss Amanda made for her along with her headband was like pulling teeth! She HATES to be naked, and just having a tutu on with a headband is just the same as being naked to her! 
Her poor little head was so heavy that everytime she lifted her legs would fly way up in the air! It looked she was going to flip! She looked like a see saw!
This is her 1st mini skirt! She is soooo cute! I hope she stays a girly girl! Hopefully her BIG BIG brothers don't turn her into a tom boy!
She may look like a chunky monkey like her brother but its all skin! She still has ALOT of growing to go! And as much as she is eating right now she is well on her way!