5:57 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

As a new mom of my first baby girl Sophia Marie, with my boys I tired breastfeeding but did not produced enough milk for them! But with her she eats so little that I am able to breastfeed! I'm always on the go with her, and not everyone is okay with just plopping your breast out to feed your baby! So with the latch on I was at my friends and needed to nurse and the LatchOn came in handy!! I didn't have to bring an extra cover just for nursing! I just used her blanket to cover everything up! It was PERFECT!!!

latchOn® was designed by two stay-at-home moms who wanted a way to discreetly nurse their babies in public without having to haul around a separate nursing cover. They created latchOn® in order to make life a little easier for stylish moms, nursing on the go. They founded their company, The Button Barn in the fall of 2008.

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