Hair Color By Clairol

11:55 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

I used to have my hair colored professionally because I'm a blonde and I like it to be more blonde than normal. However I will not do over the counter blonde coloring!! Too many mistakes! So one day my roots were really BAD so I decided since I won't do blonde in the box I'll try coloring it brown. Ive tried several different brands and I have found that Natural Instincts has the best color and it lasts the longest!

In an independent clinical study, analysis of hair after using Natural Instincts showed less damage, making Natural Instincts the first clinically proven hair color to be less damaging.

In fact, hair color formula actually helps protect hair from dryness, leaving it feeling as healthy as it looks. In clinical tests, 80% of women agreed that Natural Instincts made their hair feel softer.

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