Necklace Necessities

10:02 AM Posted by Ashley Parker

I love Necklace Necessities. I have the problem with necklaces not being long enough for me. When I saw this necklace extenders from Necklace Necessities I was so excited finally I can wear all my necklaces I haven't warn in years.

No more necklaces that are too short or too tight! Your necklaces will stay right where you want them with the Necklace Necessities Ensemble.

The designer package includes a trio of necklace extenders. One adjustable silvertone extender and one adjustable goldtone extender to extend your necklace from 3 1/2 to 6 inches. Simply pull the end rings outward to lengthen and pull the inner stations to shorten. To extend your pearl necklace by four inches, just clip on the non-adjustable, faux pearl extender!

Another feature of the Necklace Necessities ensemble is a 12-piece trial package of the innovative Necessities Secure Strips. Small, clear pieces of adhesive that secure your necklace so that your clasp won't turn to the front of your outfit, along with a cute little pink pouch, ideal for storage of your extenders and to pack for travel! Great as a unique gift and a fashion staple for yourself!

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