Woobie Wear

9:28 AM Posted by Ashley Parker

Woobie Wear is really cute hats and headbands that have removable flowers/bows. I received a hat and headband and a flower that I can put on either one. They are really cute!

Since I started Woobie Wear back in 2006, my daughter, Lauren, being my inspiration, I've worked hard to combine my "passion for fashion" with my commitment to the community and have been successful in involving Woobie Wear in a multitude of causes that my family believes in. Woobie Wear is unique in that we pride ourselves on not only providing a top quality, fashionable product; but we work hand in hand with our community and donate to several charities.

Part of our product line is produced and packaged by people with disabilities through a partnership with St. Coletta’s of Illinois Foundation in Tinley Park, Illinois (http://www.stcolettail.org). This phenomenal organization works in providing support and funding for special needs individuals and through our partnership, we help to provide meaningful employment for people with disabilities. See details under Community Involvement and Make a Donation tabs on our website.

Woobie Wear is also an active supporter of several charitable organizations which work to help families fighting pediatric cancer. I was drawn to this cause due to a response I received from a customer whose child was going through chemotherapy. Woobie Wear donates to any customer, upon request, who child is battling cancer. We also give our hats to our local hospitals and recently to Shizuoka Children's Hospital in Tokyo, Japan.

*A product was received for this review