Born Free Cool Flow Pacifiers

9:56 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

My first son NEVER liked the pacifier, my second son liked the pacifier but a certain kind but it didn't last long! My daughter how ever LOVES her pacifiers!! It doesn't matter what kind it is if shes had her bottle and didn't fall asleep she will want her, well as I call it, her binkie! So when I was asked to review the Born Free Cool Flow Pacifiers I was all over that because Sophia LOVES her binkies!!!!

CoolFlow Pacifiers are particular cool because they have an angled shape nipple pacifier range with security ring in 2 stage sizes, feature attractive colors and have a transparent curved shield.

The BornFree Clear Pacifier is a orthodontic silicone pacifier with an angled nipple that encourages natural development of the pallate. Made from materials that are 100% free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC, the BornFree pacifier features a transparent perforated shield to prevent moisture and protect your baby's sensitive skin. With Handle.

    Available Stages
  • Stage 1: 0-6m
  • Stage 2: 6m+
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