Mommy Party Sponsored By Mega Blocks!!

3:31 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

I just found out that I was picked to host a Mommy Party through Mom Select Sponsored by Mega Blocks!
Ethan loved mega blocks when he was younger! I love them for the little kids they are not small where they can out them in their mouths and swallow them!! Now my 2 year old, Dennis, loves to build stuff so it will be perfect! Also he loves to put things in his mouth so I don't have to worry about him doing that with the Mega Blocks!!! My 6 month old Sophia is getting to the age where she wants to play and she too LOVES putting stuff in her mouth seeing how she is teething! So I will have the party some time before November 30, 2010, as soon as the party is over I will have lots of pics of the kids building stuff with their Mega Blocks!

Here are some sample pictures of what could be at the party!