A New Go Deigo GO!

11:24 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

I have a two year old that is just starting to get into cartoons and what not! I really like him to watch stuff like Nick Jr. on Nickelodean. Right now they have new Go Diego Go Episode that he loved its called Diego’s International Rescue League.

In “Diego’s International Rescue League,” Diego has assembled an elite team of rescuers who try to earn their World Rescuers’ patch.  There’s Juma -- an African desert expert; Shanti – an Indian forest expert; Burgin – an expert diver and surfer from Borneo and Yang who can climb up the tallest mountains of China.  The team is assembled on Rescue Island -- a special island with natural habitats from around the world.  They must race against the clock in their Rescue Flyer to identify and return five eggs to their correct habitats before the time runs out. It aired September 24th

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