Ni Hao, Kai-lan

11:30 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

Well my mom watched Ni Hao, Kai-lan with my 2 year old and Ni Hao was one of his first words! It was so cute he loves this show!

In “Princess Kai-lan,” Kai-lan, Rintoo, Tolee and Hoho get a visit from their superhero friend, the Monkey King, who really needs their help.  There’s trouble in a magical kingdom because the foxes and bears who live there won’t talk to each other.  It’s up to Kai-lan and her friends to get the Fox King and the Bear Queen (Lucy Liu) together so they can encourage all of the foxes and bears to become friends.  They will have to use their special powers to leap over bamboo forests, travel past a moat of giant bubbles and find their way through the majestic palaces to help unite the kingdom. It premiered October 8th.

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