Decorate Your House With Enjoy Lighting

5:02 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

I love scented candles but I always seem to leave or fall asleep with them on! So when I was asked to review candles from Enjoy Lighting I was so excited! Then when I found out it was vanilla scented too I was so happy!

Features & Benefits

  • Ivory & Beeswax Pillars
  • Available in 3x4”, 3x6”, 3x8”, 4x6”, 4x8”
  • Astonishingly realistic 100,000 hour

Triple-LED flickering light source.
  • Available with Multi-Hour Timer Mode or Dim/Bright Modes
  • 300+ Hour Battery Life
  • Requires 4 ‘AA’ Batteries
  • Realistic Melted Edge
  • Distinct Vanilla Fragrance

Multi-Hour Timer Mode
  • Operate manually or set timer to run for 4, 6, or 8 hours
  • Candle will automatically turn on each day and the set time and off after the selected number of hours
  • Perfect for hard to reach spaces – Set it and forget it!

*A product was received for this review