Charge Easily With Powermat

1:29 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

I absolutely love how you can charge your cell phones, readers, DS's and everything else you can think o that can charge just by lying it down on a mat! With the PowerMat Home and Office wireless charging mat you can do just that, just lay down your phone and it will charge, well if you have the receiver cover over your phone you can other wise that have almost every type of tip that plug into a square receiver that you lay down on the mat not completely wireless but its better than having all the wires for everything you have to charge!

Powermat Home & Office
Three position wireless charging mat for home or office + Universal Powercube Receiver. Keep three devices fully charged at all times with the convenience of this three position charging station. The included Powercube let's you charge hundreds of devices right out of the box.

What's included

  • Home & Office Mat
  • Powercube Universal Receiver
  • Mini USB Tip
  • Micro USB Tip
  • Samsung Tip
  • LG Tip
  • Apple Tip
  • Nintendo DSi Tip
  • Nintendo DS Lite Tip
  • Sony PSP Tip
  • Power Supply (100-240VAC) with built-in cord management

I have a Blackberry Curve so I received the
Powermat Reciever BlackBerry Curve 8500/9300
Wirelessly charge your BlackBerry Curve 8500/9300 Series phone seamlessly. Simply replace your existing Battery Door and you're ready to drop & charge.

What's included
  • Powermat Wireless Charging BlackBerry Curve 8500/9300 Receiver Door
*A product was received for this review