My Crazy Days!

12:48 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

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So my life is pretty hectic as you all know I have 3 kids 2 very active boys at that and a little girl who just discovered how to crawl! I also work pretty much a full time job and when I'm at home I clean and do laundry! So my time is pretty limited as to what I can do for myself. I love to browse the Internet and watch some Criminal Minds that's usually what calms me down and gets me ready for a some what good night sleep.

I am usually up late because that is the only time I have to myself that doesn't involve screaming kids, changing diapers, making bottles and sippy cups of juice, brothers fighting, the baby crawling to catch up to to only start screaming and crying because she cannot keep up! I have a DVR so through out the day I record all my favorite shows that I stay up all night watching because during the day its Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi, Go Diego Go, and so on and so on! I try to make the best of the time we get during the day because I work alot so when we get home I spend about 30 mins cleaning and doing some necessities laundry wise, put dishes in dishwasher than I sit and play with the kids for a little bit then we do dinner and bath then a little TV then its oh yes you guessed it bed time!!

Once all kids are in bed I try to first catch up on my blog once that is done I clean out my email then I relax and catch up on all my recorded shows with a Diet Coke and a nice warm blanket on the couch! I don't get much sleep because this time when the kids are in bed is really important to me, I call it "Me Time". It's really the only time to myself! My mom thinks I'm nuts because when I have to be at work at 6:30 in the morning I am still up till at least midnight! I can't help it I have to wind down before I go to bed otherwise I am up ALL night thinking!
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