Finally A Weekend Off So Where is Everyone?

8:14 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

So my sister left February 1 2011 for bootcamp for the Navy. She got really sick from something in her stomach that sometimes spassums. She hasn't had an episode since she was like 9 and shes 19. So she was medically discharged from the Navy and got home on February 15 which so happens to be her birthday. Well I have had to work all week just like my mom and my brother who now lives with us too, thats another stoy all in its own! So this weekend was going to be cool its snowing and I get gto spend time with my whole family my dad even stopped by to she us his new dog! Well by the end of the night my dad left earlier then my sister left with my brothers girlfriend so she wouldn't have to drive alone. Not a problem my mom and brother aare still here or so I thought! My brother said he was going to his friends which was only supposed to be for a little bit which turned out to be for the night. Then my mom got called into work and was supposed to be off by 7 pm and its now 8 pm and shes still not home what the heck?!?!? She is supposed to make dinner, I mean not that I need my mom to make my dinner but I love her meatloaaf and thats what was supposed to be for dinner and I was looking for to that and playing card with her! Oh well maybe tomorrow will be better!?