Pre-Party Buzz For Bridesmaids Releasing Sept 20

4:31 PM Posted by Ashley Parker

First can I tell you I have never planned a bachelorette party before so this is gong to interestng!!! I was picked to host a Bridesmaid party to celebrate the release of the movie Sept 20. I thought it would kinda apporpriate to do a bachelorette themed party! I am asking all my girls to wear their most hidious dress they can find and we will sip on mamosas, talk girl talk, and eat lots of food!!! When I attended BlogHer11 last month I go some awesome recipies for some frozen yogourt drinks and I will include the recipies in a little bit!! Now if you have any party ideas you want to throw my way I would love it! And remember to stay tune for more pre party buzz and stay tuned to see the after math of the party!!! Well I will have to get back to you with reciepes it seems that I have missed placed them!!! But I promise I will get back to you!!!