BEYBLADE: Metal Fusion Vol 1 on DVD November 9th

10:22 AM Posted by Ashley Parker

My son loves this show its usually the only thing that it on in my house when he has control of the remote!

First there was Pokemon, then there was Bakugan, now there is Beyblade: Metal Fusion! The battle between good and evil is more intense and dangerous than ever as our hero Gingka faces an evil villain and his plot to unleash a long forbidden Beyblade in his quest to take over the world. And only Gingka can stop him!

This action packed release from the anime series BEYBLADE: METAL FUSION - a spin-off from the original BEYBLADE series -- includes episodes 1-7 of the show, following the story of Gingka, a heroic fighter with a group of talented friends, who fights the evil forces of the Dark Nebula.

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